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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

From February 11th to 17th, 2021, China celebrates its largest holiday festival, which means that all of the country's businesses and industries are closed and everyone is returning home to spend quality time with their families.

Despite the COVID-19's difficulties, this year will not be an exception.

So, as China prepares for the holidays, the rest of the world expects to get their products on time and in great shape. So, how should you handle your orders before to the Chinese New Year, and when is the best time to send them out to prevent negative experiences?

Please take notice of the following recommendations from our BSA team:

1. Don't rely on the official Chinese New Year dates: the official Chinese New Year in 2021 begins on February 11 and ends on February 17, however vacation time varies by industry, so plan ahead so that your goods leave China by the end of January. This will save you time and hassles.

2. Ship space is limited: To save money, schedule your shipment ahead of time and urge your supplier to fulfill the delivery deadline.

3. Negotiating new orders: If you're working on a project with a manufacturer, attempt to leave a deposit or reach an agreement before the Chinese New Year, since prices tend to rise after the holiday.

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