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What exactly is sample consolidation service?

We recognize that as a seller/brand owner, relying on a single supplier is not a smart option.

When you need samples from multiple suppliers for a single product or several separate items, our service will save you money on logistics and shipping.


BSA is able to accomplish the following by combining samples from many sources and sending them as a single package:


  • Reduce your courier expenditures significantly.

  • Create a single address for all your vendors to send samples to.


We inspect the samples before shipping them out to guarantee there is no serious damage.

This allows for early detection of defective samples and return to the source, saving time and money.


What are the advantages?

  • Consolidate samples from several suppliers in one central place to save on courier costs.

  • Reduce your courier costs even more by shipping with our high-volume accounts and benefiting from discounted prices.

  • To prevent evident sample flaws, we do basic quality control.

  • Have your samples shipped as a "Single Package" so you don't have to wait for various shipments to arrive.



  • To activate your Sample consolidation service

  • To receive our address details to give to your supplier. 



In our Quality Control segment to know how to ensure the quality of your products.




About your products and how can we help you to make your journey of buying from Asia smoother and easier! 

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