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Quality is one of the most essential elements for a customer to feel pleasure in a product. If the product is of high quality, the seller, brand, or vendor will acquire a devoted client as well as a recommendation, which is the most reliable and successful method to market a product and brand.

Quality has become a market differentiator for virtually all goods and services, but according to supply chain techniques, quality should begin at the source, i.e., at the manufacturer's facilities.

Once the products are at the manufacturer's facility, you may monitor the quality of your manufacturing to save money, time, and resources. It may also boost productivity by allowing businesses and buyers to focus on what they do best: delivering and selling goods that meet or exceed their customers' expectations.

It's also worth noting that choosing a reputable manufacturer may foster a sense of trust and provide you with Quality Assurance, which is distinct from Quality Control. There are some manufacturers in China who have their own quality control department in their workshop; this is known as quality assurance, and it is a process-oriented practice; unfortunately, this does not happen in all factories, and when it comes to a product, they sometimes achieve the quality required based on the manufacturer standards, which are sometimes different from the ones the buyer expects. Before beginning a commercial relationship with a supplier, many businesses require a Factory Audit, also known as Supplier Verification.

This will enable them to know ahead of time the factory's capacity, procedure, and standard (ISO).

However, in a world dominated by E-commerce and drop shipping via platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Lining, AliExpress, and others, where we can find millions of sellers and vendors, it is well known from reading some vendor reviews and comments that the part of verifying suppliers and production quality control is not high on their priority list.

Quality control is a product-oriented process, and implementing it in your production, regardless of order size, is critical to growing a successful company that produces goods that satisfy your customers' requirements and expectations. This will be a key difference in the Amazon FBA and E-commerce industry rivalry.

It usually takes 24 hours, and it involves one of our staff members visiting your supplier's facilities and concentrating only on your production and detail needs.

It's taking care of your work as if you were right next to it.


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