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Amazon FBA from the abbreviation of Fulfillment By Amazon is a new term of commerce that apply exclusively to many of the Amazon Sellers who manufacture their products overseas ( Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc ) and decide to send their products ready and packed directly to an Amazon fulfillment Center, or in other words an Amazon Warehouse. 

Under this method of commerce, Amazon is in charge of packing and sending your product directly to your buyer. 

But having your product READY and accomplish all the Amazon conditions for you to avoid any damage in your product, complicate any of the amazon process or any delay or in order to avoid your bad reviews from your final buyer; there is a protocol you better follow at the origin of your production. 

We at BSA assist you with all your check list for a good Amazon Fulfillment process and together with our logistic partners deliver your production in the allocate Amazon Warehouse that you product belongs to. 

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